Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Official Day of My Summer Break

 Ahhh, my summer break is coming to an end, but I am still at the beach with my family!  We chose to take those last few days to take a quick trip to Panama City.  I hadn't been there since my senior trip when I graduated from high school!  Well.....it and I have changed A LOT since 1995!
It rained here all day yesterday, so we are going to stay a little longer today to enjoy some pool time (Peyton is NOT a fan of the ocean) before heading back to Tennessee.

A few months ago, I ran across a "pin" on Pinterest, where else, that gave the links to all the assessment pages used in a student data notebook.  A spelling test chart, math fact graphs, etc...there were 8 pages in all.  I am hoping to have each of my students this year keep track of his/her progress so they can see themselves improving!  I really WANT these portfolio folders for each child...

Oxford Poly 8 Pocket Portfolios
What do you use to show students their progress?

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