Tuesday, July 16, 2013

School Lunch

My little boy, Jack, will be starting kindergarten this year!  He (and I) have decided that he will be taking his lunch, instead of eating the "stuff" they serve in the cafe...I can't even call most of it "food".  Now, don't get me wrong, they do serve fresh fruits and veggies, but there are still plenty of fat, sodium, artificial color and flavor-ladened choices too.  
As a family, we try to make mostly "real food" choices and my kids could live off of raw veggies, fruit, cheese and yogurt.  However, I know these same choices can become boring very quickly, so I want to have a repertoire of "real food" lunches ready to go!  This lady has it together, so I am planning to use her suggestions and tips as a guide for the school year!
100 Days of Real Food
 Here is another great resource if you are stuck in a "lunchbox rut"...She does all the planning for you!
Momables...School Lunch Menus by Subscription
You can follow my "Something Different for Lunch" Board on Pinterest!
I would love to hear what other moms out there are serving their kids for lunch!

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