Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Full Week of School!

Tomorrow will be the first Monday of the 2013/2014 school year (and my Jack's first full day of kindergarten!)  I have an awesome group of 20 second graders, 13 girls and 7 boys! Tomorrow we will continue to review our Whole Brain Teaching rules, Class! Yes!, Teach! Okay! and use the Scoreboard to make things a little more interesting!  My kiddos are really diggin' this whole brain thing...:) 
We also will begin to learn what it takes to be a superhero by reading the book, How to be a Superhero by Rachel Yu.  We will probably do a shared writing after reading and discussing.

I also snagged, How to be a Super Villain by Rachel Yu. ;)

Since I plan to make math a major focus this year (can you say alliteration? HEHE), I decided to purchase Amy Lemons, "Let's Get Started!," Beginning of the Year Math Activities Unit from TPT! It has several fun ways to get kids excited about becoming a mathematician! I just love the craftivity!  Check it out...

What do mathematicians do?

What are your big plans for your first week back?

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